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3:30pm // Check-In and Registration Begins @ Westin Cleveland Downtown Hotel

3:30pm // Molly’s Market Opens

3:30pm // Cleveland Rocks-ception

5:00pm // Opening Ceremonies & Keynote Speaker

6:45pm // Molly's Market Closes

7:00pm // Dinner & Game Night


7:30am // Literacy Fun Run to kick off 2nd 5K for $10K

9:00am // Breakfast (Molly's Market Open at this time)

10:00am //Service Project

12:30 am // Regional Business Meetings and Lunch

2:15pm // Afternoon Educational Sessions

4:15pm // Chapter Connections

5:45pm // Molly's Market Close

6:00pm // Centennial Dinner at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame



8:30am // Business Meeting

8:30am// Molly’s Market Opens

9:30am // Closing Brunch and Keynote Speaker

11:00am // Departure of Convention Attendees 

1:00pm // Molly’s Market Closes

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